Week of June 2nd 2024

Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it and it will be yours.  Mark 11: 24

If any of you is lacking in wisdom ask God, who gives to all generously and ungrudgingly and it will be given to you.  James 1:5.

To get wisdom is to love oneself; to keep understanding is to prosper.  Proverbs 19:8

Bless people who are traveling this summer – keep them safe.  May there be meaningful activities for children.  

Linda and James just celebrated their 56th. anniversary!  Way to go!! Congratulations!!  God bless you.

Travis, security guard has a sharp pain in his ankle.  He doesn’t think he sprained it but it is a hindrance.  Heal it, Lord!  He watches over others.  May he be healed!

Douglas – 40 – keep him safe and well, Lord.

Vance is in constant pain which the doctor can’t control; may they find treatment for this faithful volunteer, Lord, we ask You.

Vicki Ko. had an allergic reaction to meds by getting a rash and blisters which then bled.  It took 50 days to get the meds out of her system.  She has scars all over.  Bless her and heal her, Lord.  Her body is full of arthritis and is painful.  

Baby Davy turned 5 weeks old and he and the family are doing well; mom and dad still lack sleep but are okay.Bless Christy who had surgery and will start chemo soon.  Heal her, Lord.  May she have few side effects from the treatment.        

Julie B. – had her right knee replaced 7 weeks ago; rehab is going well.  She will have her left knee replaced July 11th.  She also had a clear PET scan 2 weeks ago and said God is good!  Yes, Lord,
Thank You for watching over Julie and healing her.

Stephany – continue to pray for healing and restoration of all that has been impacted by medication and chemo.  Bless her family as they go through this with her.

Susan – 85 – has an iron deficit; will have surgery on her knees; be in her, Lord, and heal her.

Norma – older lady who had been ill a while, passed away last week; bless her family in this time of mourning.  They are grateful they could go up to Maryland to say good bye.  

George – throat cancer

Lily V. – deliverance from mental illness

Ken, Mario, Lyle and Gary- health issues

Carol T. – c-pap machine isn’t helping enough so they will have her try a whole different machine now.  We pray that it gives her more oxygen and that she will sleep better and feel better.  Thank You, Lord.

Julian – little boy, needs new medication to help him gain weight.

Dianne – her husband has had many medical issues including prostate cancer.