Week of June 9th 2024

May you experience the love of Christ, though it is too great to understand fully.  Then you will be made complete with all the fullness of life and power that comes from God.  Ephesians 3: 19

Build each other up.  Point out to someone a quality you appreciate in him/her.

Pray that the Amazing Love website will help to connect the community with Amazing Love. Visit it and tell us what you think. https://amazinglovemin.org

Pray for Christy and her cancer treatments….that she will have few side effects and that they may cure her.  

Tony – is at Memorial Hospital for blood work so they can do the procedure on my heart, Monday, June 17th.  Please keep me in your prayers!  Yes, Lord, watch over him, give the doctors the knowledge and discernment they need.

Pray for the homeless, most of whom have mental health issues and can’t hold a job.  The new law will let them be arrested if they are seen loafing/hanging around.  Providing shelters would be a good help for them!

Karen – Julian, 5 yr. old grandson is now gaining weight and feeling better.  He was severely underweight!   Praise report!  Thank You, Lord.

Darren – will be at TGH for testing Monday; they are keeping him on the transplant list for now.  He needs a new liver and a kidney.  Pray for peace of mind in his decision making as he might get one at a time and the doctor has a priority which should be done first.  

Pray for travel mercies for a family going out of state for a special birthday celebration.  Enjoy!!

RIOT – means Reaching inside and outside Tampa and 217 youth have done an awesome job on 70 projects this past week and it was great working with such fine young people here at Amazing Love as one of them.

Sonia – 72 – fell and broke an arm and a leg; she is at St. Joseph Hospital; there is a liver issue; the doctor is worried about surgeries and if she will be able to recover from them.  The family is distraught by this news.  Pray for sister Kathy.  Pray for healing.Bless Michael- Lord, you know the issues.  Let him surrender to You.  Bless him. 

Travis – security guard – his painful ankle is some better; he has a bad back and pulled a muscle in his back Wednesday; he needed to go to the hospital for treatment; heal him, Lord, this man who is there for us.  

John – hearing loss

Susan – struggling with a cold and other issues

John – volunteer and was very helpful

Ray – going to St. Petersburg to minister at a conference and will be singing with the men’s chorus.

Shawn S. – appears to have had a stroke and is in the hospital.

Betty Kn. – had cataract surgery yesterday, Thursday.  May she heal well.